Parking spaces are available on the rue de Genève and in the Flon car park. The SiL and EPSIC parking spaces at Sévelin are free in the evenings (however, we are not responsible for these parking spaces).

The venue, parking and toilets are all accessible for persons with reduced mobility.
Information: 21 625 11 36

Recommended, very visual shows (without sign language) are marked with the usual pictogram. The “T” indicates when the room is equipped with a magnetic loop system.
Information: 21 625 11 36

Recommended shows that contain significant spoken matter (without audio descriptions) are marked with the usual pictogram. It is possible to request a special welcome, with an introduction to the show and a set visit.
Information: 21 625 11 22

The RELAX performances offer a more adequate experience for persons with disabilities, or who wish to access the performances in more flexible conditions. In concrete terms, this means that the artists perform as usual, but some technical adjustments can be made if necessary (reduced special effects or lowered sound effects) and the audience welcome is much more flexible (house lights on, possibility to enter/leave and express oneself at will…)
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Since January 2017, the four partner theatres of the Grand 8 (Arsenic, La Grange de Dorigny, Théâtre 2.21, CPO) each offer RELAX performances with the support of the Forum Handicap Vaud, who acknowledge and encourage this endeavour.

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