The Arsenic encourages adults to discover the shows aimed at adults accompanied by children (aged 8 and up). Except for shows specifically aimed at children, admission is free for children between 8 and 12 years old (must be accompanied by an adult). Recommended shows are marked with the pictogram ☺.

On certain Sundays, a free child care service (for ages 4 and up) is offered and facilitated by Hélène Bahon, early childhood educator. These spaces are designed as playful moments for your little ones. The child care opens 15 minutes before shows marked with the pictogram.
You can sign up your child until the Friday (midday) preceding the show, by email to

Accessible very visual shows (without sign language) are marked with the usual hearing impairment pictogram. The “T” indicates when the room is equipped with a magnetic loop system. Information: 21 625 11 36

The pictogram indicates accessible shows that contain significant spoken matter (without audio descriptions). It is possible to enjoy a special welcome, with an introduction to the show and a simple set visit. Information: 21 625 11 22

The Relax performances offer a more adequate experience for persons with disabilities, thus giving them access to performing arts shows in the right conditions. In concrete terms, this means that the artists perform as usual, but some technical adjustments can be made if necessary (reduced special effects or lowered sound effects) and the audience welcome is much more flexible (house lights on, possibility to enter/leave, to express oneself at will…). Information : 21 625 11 22

The Collectif (c)ouverture is an independent collective founded by young art enthusiasts who, from time to time, propose meetups after the shows to allow audience members to talk about what they have just seen. These freeform discussions, open to all and sometimes in the presence of the artists, will take place in the café around 15 minutes after the end of the shows marked as such.

Stimulating students to go to the theatre means allowing them to discover and take part in the cultural landscape, feel emotions and express them, develop their imaginations, shape their critical minds, see other visions of the world and new aesthetics. The Arsenic proposes an audience experience dedicated to teachers and their students. A customised experience punctuated with links and activities for discovering the contemporary performing arts, led by the outreach coordinator: visits, workshops, debates, encounters with the artists etc. The Arsenic also offers to send information by mail regarding shows that are appropriate for classes. For any questions, contact Maude Herzog /+41 21 625 11 22