Atelier parent-enfant

chimère - atelier de modification de jouets

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  • 3h

Atelier donné par Anne-Lise Tacheron

“From puppets to figurines via costumes and role-playing games, we lend toys our voices, we invent their lives, we project ourselves onto them and we learn. We learn how to enter into society with its codes and regulations.” Anne-Lise Tacheron.

chimère interrogates gender and the construction of identity through play. In the context of a workshop led by the artist Anne-Lise Tacheron, salvaged toys are provided so that they can be modified and transformed. Between the infinite imagination of children and identity construction, speech is given over to gesture, to the appropriation of these standardised and industrialised objects.

– Workshop open to all
– Each child must be accompanied by an adult
– The workshop ends with an exhibition
– Free, limited spots
– Sign up by sending an email to

  • 3h