© Valeria Bertolotto
© Ludovic Chauzaud



Entrée et sortie possible en continu

  • 11h
  • G Hearing loops
  • E Partially-sighted spectators welcome
  • A Little or no text

Conception et jeu: Valeria Bertolotto et Aline Papin. Musique: Stéphane Vecchione. Vidéo: Nicolas Zlatoff. Lumières: Aurélien Cibrario. Avec des textes de: Virgile, Homère, Roland Barthes, Philippe Sollers, Sarah Kane, Christa Wolf, Stig Dagerman et Edouard Levé. Administration: Stéphane Frein. Production: Compagnie J14. Soutiens: Fonds Migros Rési, Loterie Romande, Caves de Courten. Autofèdre est, à l’origine, la conclusion d’un projet de recherche qui s’est déroulé, en trois parties, durant la saison 2015–16 entre l’Arsenic et le Théâtre Les Halles (TLH) à Sierre.


Downstage, facing the audience, a woman waits on a bed. Upstage, in large-scale projection, a sequence-shot of a woman facing the sea. In the shadows, at the back of the stage, we make out a third woman sitting down. These three women are waiting, occupying different levels of a same tableau that evolves imperceptibly over the course of hours. To this is added a soundtrack played live, as well as words (Those of Racine? Those of the performers?) that appear here and there on the screen. The fruit of a research process into the space and temporality of classical tragedy, this performative installation is experienced in real time as the span of a last day. A space-time onto which the audience can project their own expectations, desires and fantasies…