Yves-Noël Genod (FR)

C’est le silence qui répond


  • ~1h30
  • G Hearing loops
  • E Partially-sighted spectators welcome

Concept, mise en scène: Yves-Noël Genod. Lumière: Philippe Gladieux. Avec la participation des spectateur·trice·x·s.

“It’s a show I don’t have the answer to. As always, I try not to know what it’s about, to be overwhelmed by the cosmos of what I create (like a dreamer in the middle of the night). Of course, when there’s a classic text you can easily rely on it. But, here, I would like to bring the audience with me into this not-knowing. After all, we are living in times where we don’t even know if we will play, if the theatres will reopen. So, let’s imagine a ghost performance, a display of stars. I have asked lighting designer Philippe Gladieux to be the real investigator of this show – I mean, it’s light that invents things… For the rest, if you’re a spectator, you’re part of the troupe. It’s not a nightmare, but it might be. It’s not madness, but it might be. It’s not night, but it may be. To add a further difficulty, we thought the show could also be comical! Casting’s open, we’re taking all the clowns! Are there none left? There’s plenty of them! Intangible cultural heritage.” Yves-Noël Genod