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Showing: Cie Greffe/Cindy Van Acker

Entrée libre, sur réservation

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Avec : Brice Arside, Camille Prost, Dominique Riccarda, Isabella Braconi, Jeanne Procureur, Sandra Sadharheen, Sophie Lepennetier, Vanessa Wust.

Cindy Van Acker (Greffe Company) works with the dancers from Le Marchepied’s junior company for a new creation, based on an excerpt from the choreography Diffraction (2011). Cindy Van Acker adapts PPSIX (Pièce Pour Six) for eight performers. In this composition, the focus is on the relationship between dancers, whose movements are dictated by a musical score with the aim to end up in a danced sentence.

Entrée libre, sur réservation