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© Myriam Schussler

Pamina de Coulon (CH)

FIRE OF EMOTIONS : Niagara 3000

performance, essai parlé

  • 1h10
  • E Partially-sighted spectators welcome
  • B Accessible to persons with reduced mobility

Création et interprétation: Pamina de Coulon. Lumière: Alice Dussart. Décor: Pamina de Coulon, Alice Dussart. Production: BONNE AMBIANCE. Diffusion: Boom’Structur. Coproductions: ARSENIC, Lausanne, Magasin des Horizons (2016-2020) Grenoble.

The FIRE OF EMOTIONS saga has not had its last, very fast word. After a journey into the cosmos (GENESIS), a dive into the ocean (THE ABYSS), a return to land (PALM PARK RUINS), NIAGARA 3000 will be a companion piece capable of accompanying all the others and, like all the others, of wandering from one digression to another along the paths of the artist’s thoughts.
« First I thought of tears as a hydraulic force. Tears as rivers.
I thought about running water and flowing water.
Then I thought of watersheds and underground rivers and all those turbines.
I thought about my visit to the NIAGARA Falls, how it was the most multicultural experience of my life.
Then I thought about energy and then I thought about all these forms of colonial domination everywhere. I invented another club to oppose the club of humanity, in order to be able to make club with others without cannibalizing them.
Since then I’ve been thinking about tides, about deltas where everything meets, about who chooses the names of the rivers, about ableism, about the veil between the worlds. I wrote down the quote : « a wild patience has allowed me to get here ». I thought about how it feels to find hope where one would expect certainty. And always, this difference between mystery and secrecy. »

Dans le cadre des Printemps de Sévelin, enchaînement possible :
- avec le spectacle de Natascha Moschini et Marie Popall au Théâtre Sévelin 36 à 21h / vendredi 17 mars