© Pamina de Coulon


gagner en ambition, par goût du déluge

Work in progress

  • 60'
  • E Partially-sighted spectators welcome

De et avec: Pamina de Coulon. Production: BONNE AMBIANCE. Coproduction: Arsenic – Centre d’art scénique contemporain.

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The FIRE OF EMOTIONS saga by Pamina de Coulon continues. In the process of creating her third chapter, which will be presented at Arsenic in September 2019, this artist who practices the art of infinite speech will offer to share her research over the course of two evenings. After having left the ground to explore the cosmos and the abyss, it’s time to return to the earth. A return motivated by gardening—which is, according to the artist, a solution within easy reach against capitalist forms of violence, which have alienated us from the systems of our own subsistence. A return to habitat too: what are the choices which make us nomads or settlers? How does each person navigate between their possibilities and their desire to make their place in the world?