Guillaume Pilet (CH)

The Dramaticon

Work in progress - Entrée libre

  • 30’
  • A Little or no text

Conception et mise en scène: Guillaume Pilet.

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The Dramaticon tells the story of a disturbing mermaid on the decline; a rotten egg so narcissistic that it does not notice the worms that are eating it from the inside out; a pirate bird and a bipolar satin bear; a rudimentary monkey and a boy whose body is covered in waves. The Dramaticon is an opera in English, imagined and written by the plastic artist Guillaume Pilet. It is a freeform meditation by the artist on the subject of his life, tinged with humour and poetry, that asks metaphysical questions: How do our dead accompany us, how do our memories haunt us? How do we, the living, struggle with our passions?
La Mesure Harmonique (The Harmonic Measure) brings together a series of ambitious performance projects, including The Dramaticon. Created in 2014 at the Kunsthalle of São Paulo (Brazil), these performances have been presented in contemporary arts centres, cinemas and theatres. Through sound, visuals and objects, Guillaume Pilet (1984) gives new interpretative tools to the audience around these elements that are very personal, yet echo the collective imagination. The artist proposes recitals in which he redefines a formal and poetic context based on his own experience, materialised around references to classical painting, to the vernacular, to provincial folklore, to popular culture, as well as to both happy and dramatic family episodes. He lives and works in Lausanne.

Entrée libre, sur réservation