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©Rachel Morend
©Rachel Morend
©Rachel Morend

Anne Rochat

In Pulse


  • environ 1h - dès 12 ans
  • E Partially-sighted spectators welcome
  • A Little or no text
  • B Accessible to persons with reduced mobility

Direction artistique, performance: Anne Rochat. Collaboration artistique: Laurent Bruttin. Recherche, développement, composition: Raphael Raccuia, Daniel Zéa. Recherche, développement: Skander Mensi. Assistanat artistique et logistique: Rachel Morend. Administration: Marianne Caplan. Artistes/performeur·euse·s: Jessica Aszodi, Maud Blandel, Billy Demiguel, Ensemble Contrechamps, Ariel Garcia, Francisco Meirino, Rachel Morend, Serge Teuscher.

Coproductions: Arta Sperto et FLUX LABORATORY pour l’exposition-festival KORSONOR,
Arsenic - Centre d’art scénique contemporain, Lausanne.

An immersive piece, In Pulse creates a timeless space, with, as sole point of reference, the amplified heartbeat of each participant.
Evoking a collective ritual, the performance creates a random community by linking together a group of individuals wearing a sensor capturing the pulsations of each individual, and their modifications.
Here, the body is the sounding board of the heart, producing the musical rhythm of the collective work, intrinsically linked to each participants’ emotions.
In Pulse broadcasts an inaudible part of the intimacy of each individual, unexpected and uncontrollable. The piece considers the human body as a musical instrument. Each participant wears a fragile glow, the only source of light for the performance.
It creates a silent, solitary way of thinking together, and as seldom, on our human condition. In Pulse takes up the questions of living together, of active listening and of the care we have for each other.
And here, the body takes precedence over language: no voice seems to be heard.

Avant de réserver, notez que le programme varie pour chaque représentation