Avoiding deLIFEath

Entrée/sortie possibles en continu

  • 360’
  • G Hearing loops
  • A Little or no text

De et avec: Ivo Dimchev. Musique: Ivo Dimchev.

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There is a moment when things you love to do become a nightmare. And then there is a moment when this very nightmare might become an opening. Whether a nightmare or a blessing, it doesn’t really matter to me. Because I prefer flying in Hell over crouching in Heaven. I can subvert my work only from the inside. And that is what I mostly expect from myself approaching this long-durational workaholic meditation.
Six hours of performance divided into eight acts, each assigned to a creative activity – from poetry to teaching via drawing, song or video – Avoiding deLIFEath is a total and multiple performance/exhibition. The famous, prolific and singular Bulgarian artist presents a multimedia show anchored in reality as well as artifice, which dares to pose the head-on question: how can we avoid death over the course of our life?

Ivo Dimchev (1976) is a choreographer and performer from Bulgaria. His work is an extreme and colorful mixture of performance art, dance, theater, music, drawings and photography. Ivo Dimchev is the author of more than 30 performances. He has received numerous international awards for dance and theater and has presented his work all over Europe, South and North America. In 2009, after doing his master studies on performing arts at DasArts Academy, Amsterdam, Ivo Dimchev moved to Brussels where he opened a performance space, Volksroom, which weekly presents international young artists. In 2014, he opened his new place MOZEI in Sofia Bulgaria, an independent space focused on contemporary art and music. Ivo Dimchev is an Artist in Residence in Kaaitheater, Brussels since 2013 and for 4 years.

Possibility to enter or exit at any time