BECOMING DOG © Lucien Monot | Alpina Huus
BECOMING DOG © Lucien Monot | Alpina Huus

Elise Lammer (CH), Julie Monot (CH), Garancina (CH), FSS (CH),

Jeudi de l'Arsenic

Performance/Musique | Entrée libre | 17:00 - 00:00

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  • C Young audience welcome (8+)
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Textes: Elise Lammer. Costume: Julie Monot. Performance: Elise Lammer et Julie Monot.

La Ville de Lausanne s'associe à l'Arsenic pour proposer les Jeudis de L'Arsenic dans le cadre de son initiative CultureDebout!

Elise Lammer (CH), Julie Monot (CH)
20:30 | Perfromance

In the midst of generational, climatic and economic crises, artists Elise Lammer and Julie Monot question their perspective on reality and the legitimacy of speaking up, gradually moving from the human state to that of the dog. This metamorphosis, which involves the renunciation of speech, reflects an attempt to reveal more intuition and empathy, allowing them to deconstruct the supposed hierarchy between the dominant and the dominated. BECOMING DOG is a prelude to Elise Lammer’s next creation, which includes a silent operetta and a 16mm film, THEODORA OR THE PROGRESS, scheduled to premier in March 2021at Arsenic, contemporary performing arts center, Lausanne.

Garancina (OÊ-VT?/CH) b2b FSS (CAF?/Danse Noire/CH)
From 5 pm | Dj set

Garancina, member of the collective Où êtes-vous toutxs? and FSS, member of the labels CAF? and Danse Noire, will back to back from 5pm!

This summer, the Arsenic offers a diverse artistic program through its new format: Arsenic Thursdays. Every Thursday, artists, performers, dancers, comedians and djs take over the Arsenic café for an evening of music and performance starting at 5:00 pm. During the evening, the café offers its usual drink menu and several small meals.

Pas de réservations possibles.
Les mesures nécessaires quant à la situation actuelle liée au COVID-19 seront mises en place pour vous accueillir dans les meilleures conditions possibles.