© David Gagnebin-de Bons

Louise Belmas (FR), Joël Maillard (CH)

NOS ADIEUX (REMAKE) | étape de travail


  • environ 60' - gratuit

Over the past few years, Louise Belmas and Joël Maillard have enjoyed an epistolary friendship, which has now blossomed into an artistic relationship.
After having written a lot to each other, they will now write together. Hand in hand, as it were – and for an audience.
In the beginning, the plan was to make a show in plain English with refined French surtitles. Because it’s important to be understood.
The idea is for Louise to perform only the text written by Joël and vice versa.
And then there is the desire to sing, since some things can only be decently expressed by singing.
And of course, there is the intention to continue writing letters to each other, even after the show. That is to say, letters about a performance in which letters were read that were supposedly from a future in which this (partially) successful show will be the subject of more or less nostalgic evocations.
There is also the desire to attempt a thought experiment: if this were our last show, how would we speak and how would we engage with our bodies?

Exceptionnellement, cette étape de travail a lieu dans une salle de répétition qui n'est pas accessible aux personnes à mobilité réduite