©Gérard Payelle
©Manolo Nikau

Kaê Brown Carvalho, Jerson Diasonama

Jogo de Dentro


  • 45' - forme courte au tarif unique à 10.-
  • F Hearing-impaired spectators welcome
  • G Hearing loops
  • A Little or no text
  • B Accessible to persons with reduced mobility

Chorégraphie: Kaê brown carvalho, Jerson diasonama. Création sonore: mackenzy bergile. Création lumières: distribution en cours. Image: Manolo Nikau. Styliste: Lorenzo Priotto. Design graphique: XLV studio.

Production déléguée: Centre Chorégraphique Nationale de Rennes CCNRB – Collectif FAIRE – ALTER EGO. Coproductions: Centre Chorégraphique Nationale de Rennes CCNRB FAIRE - L’Auditorium de Seynod.

Curation: Diana Akbulut - Daya Jones.

Literally translated as “inside game”, Jogo de Dentro refers to a style of capoeira from Angola and explores the encounter between two brothers. Two people who have always felt like they knew each other.
Kaê Brown Carvalho and Jerson Diasonama go back in time to experience again their carefree creativity. They reconnect with their ancient roots and blend their Brazilian and Angolan origins and references, in order to tell their stories and pass them on.
At the heart of their intimacy, Jogo de Dentro is swayed with memories of warm summer colors, the scent of acarajé, the Bahian coast, endless Angolan beaches and sounds of worlds infused with Saudade.
The two young men, in duo, rediscover each other on stage as if on a childhood playground acting as a place for reflection and conversations. In this mischievous duality, one finds himself the mirror of the other.

Ce spectacle peut s'enchaîner avec le spectacle suivant L'Air du Temps