©Ph. Lebruman
©Ph. Lebruman
©Ph. Lebruman

Sophie Perez, Xavier Boussiron (FR)

Les Chauves-souris du volcan


  • 60’
  • G Hearing loops
  • E Partially-sighted spectators welcome
  • D 2020-03-15 17:00

Conception: Sophie Perez en collaboration avec Xavier Boussiron. Avec: Marco Berrettini, Sophie Lenoir, Stéphane Roger, Marlène Saldana, Erge Yu. Musique: Xavier Boussiron, Julien Tibéri. Scénographie: Sophie Perez. Costumes: Sophie Perez et Corine Petitpierre. Textes chansons: Sophie Perez. Régie générale: Léo Garnier. Création lumière: Fabrice Combier. Régie lumière: Gildas Roudaut. Son: Félix Perdreau. Régie plateau: Adrien Castillo. Réalisation décor: Corine Petitpierre, Anne Tesson. Administration: Julie Pagnier.

In the middle of a forest, three girls with huge eyes live in a translucent cave which they have crafted out of their own tears. To communicate, they cry all the time; to make themselves understood, they dance to the rhythm of love songs. But one day, a facetious poacher appears… Calling on dark humour and a zany imagination, the compagnie du Zerep creates shows that are deliberately free from the slightest hierarchy, occupying a space between theatre, dance and performance. A concentrate of kitschiness and surrealist irreverence, this piece is a fantastical and delirious choreographic musical tale in which the compagnie du Zerep blows up the codes of theatre and kisses conventions goodbye with derision and a deliberately fierce sense of humour.

Professional interpretation workshop:
On the fringe of the show, La Manufacture in collaboration with Arsenic propose the workshop: Being on stage: from the precious to the inconceivable with Sophie Perez and Xavier Boussiron.
Dates : MON 04 MAY – FRI 08 MAY 2020
Deadline for registration: MON 06 APRIL
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