Les Urbaines

Festival - Free admission

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A snapshot of new contemporary art aesthetics, a platform for risk-taking without the limits of genre, theme or artistic current : Les Urbaines is back. This year, the festival — a laboratory for emerging artists and a hotbed of entirely free discoveries — will be showcasing more than forty projects in a renewed configuration (Arsenic, Théâtre Sévelin 36, Espace Arlaud, Bourg, Romandie as well as new venues).





Play 20:00-21:00
In DODOLLYWOOD, Les Panthères Nébuleuses invite the au­dience to meet a football team unlike any other: lethargic and without any ambition. On the set, the players laze about, recount their dreams and smoke shisha. The only obstacle for these chillaxing pros comes in the shape of a corporate coach who explains how to become a millionaire. The only way to face up to the situation is to organize a ritual that will undo the capitalist spell… This humorous performance tackles our liberal economic system’s obsession with cost­ effectiveness.



Us Swerve

Durational Performance 21:00-24:00

In a minimalist environment, Alex Baczynski­-Jenkins stages a constellation of performers on rollerblades who loop for hours, reciting and re­formulating fragments of poetry relat­ing to desire. The different extracts are picked up polyphon­ically by the skaters, thus circulating in the space, tirelessly modified by the direction of the performers’ movements and affects. A gentle current that establishes a languorous dia­logue between attraction and repetition.



Concert 21:15-22:00

Typhonian Highlife is one of the many aliases of the musician Spencer Clark. Under the guise of this moniker, he crafts a disconcerting ecosystem of fantasised mythology and ro­mantic anticipation, creating a style inspired by heroic fanta­sy which he names “Demon Classical Aquatic Fusion”. Armed with his two synthesisers and a madcap, humorous and vir­tuosic stage presence, he performs the perfect soundtrack to immerse oneself in a long psychedelic voyage; a sort of magic ritual invoking Cthulhu, while evoking erotic visions worthy of a HR Giger painting.



Communal Solo

Performance 21:15-22:15

Inspired by experiences of mourning, celebration and pro­test—three situations that give rise to gatherings—the Swiss-­American performer and choreographer Jeremy Nedd invites us to a collective experience with an oxymoronic name: Communal Solo. Invoking a backdrop of images that refer to the recurrent violence against the African­-American community in the United States, Nedd counterbalances the seriousness of the theme with his warm and relaxed pres­ence, accompanied by a festive atmosphere and a toe­-tap­ping playlist. An open and constructive act which is essen­tial in this day and age.



The best piece of this season

Play 21:15-22:15

House lights, no set, one person on stage (at once author, ac­ tor and himself): Johannes Dullin has given himself one night to write the best piece of the season. In a gleeful back and forth between the moment of composition and the “here and now” of the performance, Dullin leads us through both sides of the theatrical creative process with a forceful grip. A theatrical success — necessarily unparalleled — that takes us to the outer reaches of the cosmos.




Performance 22:30-23:45

Marc Philipp Gabriel and Maija Karhunen studied choreogra­phy together in Berlin. The character they have created for AJIMA — a performance that spans a wellness tutorial, a cos­mic freakshow and the art of divination — plays on our projec­tions based on physical appearance and a supposed identi­ty. A fascinating and unsettling collective ritual.



Conversation en cercle autour du self­help avec Poussy DRAAMA

Conférence-performance 22:30-23:45

In 2015, the artist­-performer Poussy DRAAMA created the colourful character of DocteurE Duchesne: an itinerant alter­ gynecologist who officiates in an old fire truck, the “Trans­ Utérus Cruising Agency”. Realising the extent of questions relating to gynecology and the sexual health of women, trans and non­-binary individuals, she turned towards an artistic practice that is now closer to self­help than performance. Whether it’s a lecture or a workshop, this is an open occasion for all subjectivities to learn and share, without judgment or discrimination.



Juice CrosxxxSing

Performance 00:00-01:00

In Juice CrosxxxSing, the multidisciplinary artist Geo Wyeth, whose work spans mediums including music, performance, installation and video, embodies two enigmatic characters: the Lost Tourist and the Crossing Guard who move across hurdles, merging in bass. Children’s voices permeate a black box. Dutch weather requires raingear. A target becomes a stop sign.