Vincent Riebeek (NL)

One of a Kind


  • 60’
  • G Hearing loops
  • A Little or no text

Concept et chorégraphie : Vincent Riebeek. Performance : Nico Roses, Fernando Belfiore, Dani Brown, Esther Arribas. Production : DANSCO. Cette performance a été créée dans la cadre du Master à Das Theatre, Amsterdam. Accueil en résidence : Frascati Amsterdam, Dansmakers, Amsterdam, Jacuzzi, Amsterdam.

After a string of collaborations with Florentina Holzinger which made their mark on the dance scene, Vincent Riebeek has created his first piece, an exuberant cocktail of choreography, lipsync, theatre, contortionism and acrobatics. One of a Kind is an exhilarating musical, a kaleidoscope with numerous borrowings and quotations, constantly playing with the limit between art and entertainment, where a quartet takes the audience on a liberating ride, inviting them to cut off the chains of normativity. A brilliant piece that takes “queer theatre” to the next level: that of an omniscient point of view that can be shared by all.