© Sébastien Monachon
© Sébastien Monachon
© Sébastien Monachon

Mélina Martin (CH)


Représentation RELAX

  • 60’
  • H Représentation Relax

Conception et interprétation : Mélina Martin. Collaboration artistique : Jean-Daniel Piguet. Regards extérieurs : Myrto Procopiou et Anna Lemonaki. Création lumière et régie générale : Leo Garcia. Administration : Marsali Kälin. Soutiens : Arsenic – Centre d’art scénique contemporain, Concours PREMIO, Pour-cent culturel Migros, Association gréco-suisse Jean-Gabriel Eynard.

She says: “I am the most beautiful woman in the world.” The writings on Helen of Troy over the course of centuries have conferred upon her an ambiguous quality; her story is sometimes obscure, sometimes contradictory, but one thing is certain: Helen is beautiful. It is her beauty that persists through the centuries, that same beautx that made the Greeks mad, the same beauty that started a war… For her first creation, Mélina Martin challenges the power of appearances: “Through Helen, I want to embody the model of female beauty and undermine it. Make it tremble, make it sway, move it. Try for one moment to break the power that physical appearances have over me, over us.”

The RELAX performances offer a more adequate experience for persons with disabilities, or who wish to access the performances in more flexible conditions. In concrete terms, this means that the artists perform as usual, but some technical adjustments can be made if necessary (reduced special effects or lowered sound effects) and the audience welcome is much more flexible (house lights on, possibility to enter/leave and express oneself at will…).