Stéphane Bouquet, Robert Cantarella, Philippe Gladieux (FR)

Salon international de la mise en scène

Multi-performances│Entrée/sortie en continu

  • 14:00–18:00

Direction du Salon : Robert Cantarella. Curation : Stéphane Bouquet, Philippe Gladieux. Relations exposant·e·s : Julien Lacroix. Direction marketing : Constance de Corbière. Agencement : Alix Boillot.

At a fair, everything is to hand—we can compare things directly, so as to come to a better (and faster) conclusion. Cows, lawnmowers, cars, diamonds, airplanes, books, porcelain, recent and budding inventions, wedding accessories, professional sectors, contemporary art. So why shouldn’t there be a theatre fair? A fair amidst the Christmas frenzy, in which a prestigious selection of artist-exhibitors will promote their best budding projects, thanks to mock-ups, photographs and costumes. They will sell their own know-how, hoping that someone may be interested enough to finance their projects in the making. Will you be able to match their earnestness?