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Conception: Audrey Cavelius. Création et interprétation: Audrey Cavelius, Dominique Godderis-Chouzenoux et Teresa Vittucci. Dispositif, lumière et graphisme: Julie Masson. Parures: Cécile Delanoé. Texte: Florence Grivel.

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Born from the creation of the show Séries, the beautiful pictures taken by the photographer Julie Masson—to be discovered in the eponymous publication – are the result of a quest for identity. Vinyl queen of the night, scarlet woman, grumpy cow, a bodybuilder whose neck is disappearing into her muscles, a chlorophyll version of a phallus-woman… The Séries publication bears witness to the identity possibilities of three performers who are looking for and inventing themselves, while inviting us to surpass ourselves. Possibilities latch on to reality or, on the contrary, joyously break free from it. Titillating the sublime, washing themselves in the trivial, juggling with genres, risking the spectacular, Audrey Cavelius, Dominique Godderis and Teresa Vittucci are the protagonists of this cathartic masquerade.

  • 60'