©Anne Rochat
©Anne Rochat
©Anne Rochat
©Anne Rochat

Anne Rochat (CH)

Hic & Nunc / Doris Magico back to the Wall

Installation vidéo | Projection en continu

    Hic & Nunc

    Réalisation et interprétation: Anne Rochat. Images : François Bovy et Juan David Suarez. Musique : Laurent Bruttin et Ariel Garcia. Guide : Valeria Arias.

    Doris Magico back to the Wall
    Réalisation et interprétation: Anne Rochat. Soutien : Pro Helvetia Shangai.

    The Swiss artist Anne Rochat has been developing a radical practice of itinerant performance since 2008. Her latest proposition is titled Flu.o, a Laboratoire performance errance (“laboratory of performance and wandering”) consisting of five pieces devised during one year spent wandering the entire globe. This unprecedented artistic project is a poetic expedition that unfolds on three levels, which include two performances in vivo (Messaline and CHRONOS); two filmed and projected performances (Doris Magico Back to the Wall and Hic & Nunc); as well as an outside performance shown in real time (TOPO). All these propositions are driven by a similar nomadic and contemplative relationship to the world.

    With Hic & Nunc, Anne Rochat carries on with her walking-focused project, this time by crossing the 120 km of the Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia. In this performance—filmed in real time during 24 hours on the night of the full moon—the artist treads an economic and energetic heritage, transforming it into a poetic heritage.

    Doris Magico back to the Wall is a series of performances that were created at a rate of one per day during a month-long journey through China. Taking the Great Wall as her starting point, the artist walked the Chinese landscape alone until she reached the Gobi Desert, having crossed the Qinghai, the biggest saltwater lake in the country and an important place of pilgrimage.