© DR
© Taje (Mahalia) Giotto

Johanne (CH), Sayari-Alexandria (CH), Lucas Muxu (FR)

Appetite for the depths


  • environ 50'
  • F Hearing-impaired spectators welcome
  • G Hearing loops
  • E Partially-sighted spectators welcome
  • A Little or no text
  • B Accessible to persons with reduced mobility

Chorégraphie: Johanne. Création musicale: Chaos Clay. Décors: Julie Magenta. Interprétation: Johanne, Lucas Muxu, Sayari-Alexandria. Regards extérieurs: Catol Texeira, Élie Autin. Scénographie: Antonie Oberson. Technique et création lumière: Selim Dir Melaizi. Technique son: Chaos Clay. Émilien Rossier, Yamina Pilli / oh la la - performing arts production.

Coproduction: Arsenic. Soutiens: Canton de Vaud, Canton du Valais, Ville de Lausanne, Loterie Romande.

In 2020, Johanne, who was socialised as a boy and then as a man, began a process of transition. This piece is born out of a personal story of struggle against an imposed body and the desire to re-unite with oneself. Like a plunge towards the self, Appetite for Depths choreographs this sensual journey of a vibrant body, in movement, never fixed.
Drawing on Johanne’s krump practice and the Vogue Fem techniques and influences of the dancers Sayari and Muxu, Appetite for Depths employs a movement vocabulary derived from the subversive dances of invisibilised minorities whose bodies carry an urgent need for expression, which is no accident.
By creating a safe space away from an oppressive binary, bodies can finally allow themselves to be what they want in a world where possibilities that do not conform to the accepted norm flourish. They reinvent their own imaginary landscapes to better reappropriate a trans mythology, thus giving birth to new fictions in which they may recognise themselves.