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Cécile Bouffard (FR), Ruth Childs (UK/US/CH)

Delicate People

projet de recherche/performance in situ - Gratuit

  • 45'
  • F Hearing-impaired spectators welcome
  • A Little or no text
  • B Accessible to persons with reduced mobility

Ruth Childs, Cécile Bouffard

Coproduction : Centre culturel suisse. Paris (CCS)
Dans le cadre d’un programme de résidence croisée du Centre culturel suisse. Paris entre des artistes suisses et français, en partenariat avec La Becque, La Tour-de-Peilz, Suisse. Programmation : Léopoldine Turbat. Accueil studio : L’Arsenic, La Becque, Le Grutli

Ruth Childs, a choreographer and dancer, and Cécile Bouffard, a sculptor, combine their practices in a journey through troubling figures that cultivate intuition and indefinition.
Ruth Childs reacts with her intuitions and affects to sculptural forms as a “graphic engine”, as stable as they are fragile, taking them in her hands as an act of power, a liberating act. This contour invites a gesture, a touch, that curve prompts a caress.
How does a fixed sculpture contaminate the mood, the rhythm, the gestures of a living body, in perpetual reaction and movement? How do the two interact?
From digressions to deconstructions, Ruth Childs and Cécile Bouffard emancipate themselves from fixed choreographic narratives in order to look elsewhere, in places where wandering and attention can subvert situations and certainties at any moment, shift the gaze and remove suspended judgment.
Ruth Childs and Cécile Bouffard propose a long, moving story through an experimental approach in several parts.

Rendez-vous à l'Arsenic