© Julia Perazzini


È incompleto


  • 50’

Réalisation: Julia Perazzini. Avec: Julia Perazzini et Valerio Scamuffa. Images: Julia Perazzini et Valerio Scamuffa. Montage: Quentin Balpe et Julia Perazzini. Étalonnage: Quentin Balpe. Administration: Tutu Production – Véronique Maréchal. Production: Cie Devon. Coproduction: Arsenic – Centre d’art scénique contemporain, Lausanne, Institut suisse de Rome – ISR. Soutien: Fonds AMA ISR.

È incompleto is a lo-fi documentary road movie that takes place in the valley of Belice in Sicily, a region marked by a devastating earthquake in 1968. Two performers, Julia Perazzini and Valerio Scamuffa, begin an empirical research into the social function of representation, through the prism of theatres. That of the famous town of Gibellina Nuova, entirely rebuilt following the earthquake and entrusted to Italian artists, constitutes their point of departure.  This town-creation, with its modernist architecture, was never finished and few are able to identify with this architectural fantasy. From towns to villages, from theatre to theatres, between tragedies, memories, myths and utopias, the two protagonists attempt a new reading of the present.

  • 50’