©Aurélien Patouillard

Aurélien Patouillard (CH)


Théâtre | Spectacle tout public (dès 6 ans) | Librement adapté de Farwest de Peter Elliott & Kitty Crowther

  • 60’
  • A Non-French-speaking friendly
  • H Représentation Relax
  • E Partially-sighted spectators welcome
  • G Hearing loops
  • B Accessible to persons with reduced mobility

Librement adapté du livre Farwest de Kitty Crowther et Peter Elliot. Mise en scène: Aurélien Patouillard. Avec: Marion Duval, Fiamma Camesi, Cecile Druet, Gabriel Arellano. Compositeur: Louis Schild. Lumières: Florian Leduc. Costumes: Severine Besson. Scénographie: Diane Blondeau. Construction: Marine Brosse. Collaboration musicale: Louis Bonard. Dramaturgie: Delphine Abrecht. Régie générale: Bruno Robyr. Chargé de diffusion: Anthony Revillard. Production: Michael Scheuplein. Coproduction: Zoothéâtre - Zooscope productions, Arsenic – Centre d'art scénique contemporain. Soutiens: Ville de lausanne, St Gervais.

Move your feet, lose your seat! That morning, the weather was fine. I announced: I’m going hunting! And I went out, greeting Jeff and Jim on the way, followed by my dog Jonas. Back at the house, I pushed open the door. Someone had taken my seat! It wasn’t easy, I had to get used to it. But in the end, he was nice. Basically, I had lost my seat, but I had plenty of room…

This story, which resembles a game of musical chairs, is about giving up a part of one’s life to unknown characters without disappearing. It is going to be about hunting, and about fantastic and surprising wide-open spaces! It will also be a question of coming face to face with someone who has taken your seat…
In a family, these themes could allude to the arrival of another child; in society, they could evoke our capacity to welcome newcomers or even to find our rightful place between human and non-human. Farwest is a playful analysis of the processes that can lead to discomfort, even fear, but also to the joy of creating new relationships and taking advantage of differences in perspective to challenge ourselves.

Les représentations Relax ont pour but de proposer un accueil plus adéquat pour des personnes en situation de handicap, leur permettant ainsi d’avoir accès aux spectacles d’arts vivants dans de bonnes conditions. Concrètement, les artistes jouent leur spectacle mais des adaptations techniques sont apportées si nécessaire (effets spéciaux ou sonores atténués) et l’accueil du public est beaucoup plus souple (lumière dans le public, possibilité d’entrer/sortir, de s’exprimer…).