©Fatima Wegmann
DÆMON ©Laneya Billingsley
Yantan Ministry ©Sabina Bosch
DJ Plead ©DR
Mighty ©Flurin Bertschinger

Où êtes vous toutxs x Arsenic

DÆMON, Yantan Ministry, DJ Plead, Mighty

Fête | Entrée libre

  • 23:00 - 04:00

The independent collective Où êtes vous toutxs? and Arsenic offer an evening dedicated to alternative cultures. Starting with a round table discussion on the role of alternative cultures in institutions, Où êtes vous toutxs? continues the evening with a festive programme, curated by Fatima Wegmann, member of the collective.

DÆMON is an artist from Oakland, California. His debut full-length album ÆOS was released last autumn on Intelligent Models, the new record label from NON Worldwide founder Chino Amobi. He raps with potent, illustrative lyrics that express a full spectrum of emotions, abstract ideas, and social commentary. Incorporating sounds from the fringes of club music around the world, his distinct vocal precision paves the way through his uncompromisingly provocative and narrative-driven sets.

Yantan Ministry
Yantan Ministry lives in Berlin and is a musician, DJ and cross disciplinary arranger. Layering and decompartmentalizing; shuffling relentlessly between jargons and undercurrents, edging on communication, their sets are a soaring, hard hitting sonic tapestry.

DJ Plead
DJ Plead is a Melbourne/Naarm based producer making percussive club music. Drawing on his Lebanese background, he makes tough, functional, and percussive tracks. His unique style references the rhythms, scales and timbres of Lebanese pop and traditional Lebanese wedding music, blending them with contemporary RnB, Club and other dance styles. He released his debut EP ‘Get in Circle’ through air max 97’s DECISIONS label in March 2018. He is also the founder of the SUMAC label.

Mighty is an afrofuturist dj and founder of the House of ButchXtra. They travel through time with music and tell the stories of people that tends to be silenced by day light. Making space for all types of bodies and identities, reclaiming the dancefloor as a special platform for expression and togetherness.


  • 23:00 - 04:00