©Clara Schleiffer
©Clara Schleiffer
©Clara Schleiffer

Sorour Darabi

From the Throat to the Dawn

performance | Dans le cadre du festival Programme Commun

  • 1h
  • A Little or no text
  • B Accessible to persons with reduced mobility

Conception, chorégraphie, performance et texte: Sorour Darabi. Composition et musique en live: Pablo Altar & Ange Halliwell. Lumière: Jean-Marc Ségalen.

Production: DeepDawn
Performance créée et coproduite au et par le Palais de Tokyo dans le cadre de La Manutention.

Alongside two musicians, Sorour Darabi focuses on trans voices. He works on an aesthetic that integrates these voices, left out of classical approaches. Through sensitive landscapes, he explores where these voices come from, in this troubled space, both inside and outside the body.

“A place emerges, holding us as a whole and at the same time as many as intimate, social, political fragments.
An affective landscape envelops us in the skin of a futuristic fantasy awaiting a belated renaissance.
A place where we are not just political concepts, but emotional landscapes that slowly morphs those they look at. Where the skin is as thick as a body itself and as fragile as the liminal of two screams. Where our bodies of rage – our transformative power, create substance of tear, sweat and voices to quench the earth’s thirst.”