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Stessy, Mackenzie Maison Margiela, Klaire Alice, Lateena Plummer, Chinnamasta, Ohjeelo, Jeune Bob, Sippin' T

Give us back the dancefloor

soirée d'ouverture

  • 22:00-04:00 - gratuit
  • A Little or no text
  • B Accessible to persons with reduced mobility

Hirma (BDI/CH) – curation

The idea behind GUBTD is to reclaim the dancefloor as a free and political space, to respect all practices and allow everyone to make their own contribution, whatever it may be.
GUBTD is not just about clubbing, it’s also about bringing together a wide range of complementary musical styles and blending them with other cultures such as pole dancing, voguing and wacking.
In the GUBTD shaker: techno, amapiano, dancehall, drum’n’bass, vogue beats, jersey, shatta, kuduro, afrobeats will fill the Café de l’Arsenic with a melting pot of genres, open to everyone, and brought to you by artists who contribute to the enrichment of these cultures.
With a nod to black and queer culture, GUBTD aims to be inclusive, responsible and aware of all the factors that embody clubbing, specifically people coming together in a common space.
“The dancefloor was taken awaaaayyyy”