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Jessy Razafimandimby (CH)

Droit de Visite de Digestion


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For the second year running, Arsenic is hosting exhibitions by plastic artists who are concerned with the relationship between performance and the domestic space. During this project, curated by Elise Lammer for Alpina Huus, the artists are invited to work in the various rooms of the Arsenic, thus defying the notions of the white cube and the black box.

Interested in the history of interior decoration and ornament, Jessy Razafimandimby explores in his work the possibilities of the concept of a “home”. For Droit de Visite de Digestion, he took inspiration from an article he found in La Semaine de la Femme, a weekly lifestyle magazine distributed in Lausanne from 1936 to 1962. Tainted with prewar conservatism, the publication contributed to define the role of women as primarily wives and mothers with articles about fashion, gastronomy, and interior design. Customary of French etiquette a “visite de digestion” was expressed by the guest of a dinner paying a courtesy visit to their hostess or host no later than eight days after the dinner had taken place. For Alpina Huus, Razafimandimby developed a performative installation that contributes to break down the promotion of good manners and etiquette that was, and still is, promoted by a bourgeois, classist system. After one month spent living in the exhibition space, the artist transformed it into an imagined domestic space, in which a new series of drawings, watercolours and sculptures serve as the script or the score of an hypothetical dinner. Razafimandimby completes the picture both literally and physically, with a performance in which he incarnates all the narrative characters and elements at once, during a visit paid to his imagined hosts.

WED 20 NOV 19:00 vernissage
SUN 24 NOV 16:00
WED 27 NOV 19:00
SUN 01 DÉC 19:00 finissage

Exposition│20 NOV–01 DEC
TUE–FRI 18:00–22:00
SAT 15:00–22:00
SUN 16:00–21:00
DIM 24 NOV–15:00 Guided tour of the exhibition