Anne Rochat (CH)


Avec Laurent Bruttin, Ariel Garcia, Will Guthrie et Julie Semoroz | Performance musicale

  • 60'
  • G Hearing loops
  • A Little or no text
  • D 2020-02-02 17:00

Performance: Anne Rochat. Musicien·ne·s et composition musicale: Laurent Bruttin, Ariel Garcia, Julie Semoroz. Musicien: Will Guthrie. Régie son: Manuel Ducosson. Création lumière: Yann Gioria. Scénographie: Yann Gioria & Anne Rochat. Remerciements: Karine Rico-Perez et Sylvia Rosat. Regard extérieur & Construction: Sarah Anthony. Administration: ARythmie - Marianne Caplan. Coproduction: Arsenic – Centre d'art scénique contemporain. Soutiens: Canton de Vaud, Fondation Nestlé pour l'Art, Fondation Nicati-de Luze, Loterie Romande.

Site de l'artiste

A certain insect stings the nerve centre of a caterpillar to paralyze it and thus serve as a meal for its descendants, who will hatch from the eggs that it lays next to it. Once this act is accomplished, it dies. The praying mantis kills the male that impregnated it.Laniakea is a performance project that brings together four musicians – Laurent Bruttin, Ariel Garcia, Will Guthrie and Julie Semoroz – and the performer Anne Rochat, who together carry out a symbiotic experience where bodies, sounds and energies meander, diverge and converge to the rhythm of voices, trumpets and clarinets, modular synthesizers, BDSM whips and drums.

Born in 1982, originally from Switzerland, Anne Rochat has chosen to invest her body at the heart of her practice and it is on the thread of a rigorous artistic construction that she exploits it. A work and an ordeal that focuses on the limits of the body, its physicality, its exhaustion, and its incarnation in permanent tension with its psyche. In this movement, the artist and her work take shape in artistic performance and the piece takes possession of existence. A long process that tends to burn our daily ambitions, as well as to provoke a relationship of necessity in front of the artistic act. She has been awarded the Manor Cultural Prize, the Irène Reymond Prize, the Kiefer Hablitzel Prize, the Art Scholarship of the Canton of Vaud, the Cultural Scholarship of the Leenaards Foundation of the Canton of Vaud and the Federal Art Scholarship, Swiss Award.