© Siham Benmohad
© Marika Dreistadt & Raphael Defour



  • 90’
  • F Hearing-impaired spectators welcome
  • E Partially-sighted spectators welcome
  • D 2019-03-10 17:30

Jeu et mise en scène: Raphael Defour, Marika Dreistadt. Love Doll: Atelier 4woods, Lyon. Création lumière & régie: en cours. Création sonore: Clara Lespine. Régie son: en cours de discussion. Scénographie: Marie-Claude Blais. Coproductions: Arsenic – Centre d’art scénique contemporain, Lausanne, Loterie Romande, Fonds Pluridisciplinaire.

When a bourgeois couple acquires a doll, their daily life is turned upside down. The relationship to love, fantasies, projections, as well as the creation of a new family unit: they are three now. Child, sex toy, ghost, android and window manikin: this Love Doll becomes in turn a lover, an object of jealousy or of veneration. Every day, Michelle is there. This piece is not about writing a story, but recounting states. Through the theme of our relationship to objects, Marika Dreistadt and Raphael Defour interrogate the evolution of our society.