Joan Mompart (CH) et Martin Bellemare (CH) // Pascale Güdel (CH) et Antoinette Rychner (CH)

Moule Robert ; Arlette

Les Colporteurs → Poche/GVE

    With : Julie Cloux, Baptiste Coustenoble, Roberto Garieri, François Nadin. Assistant Director : Lucile Carré. Costume Design : Paola Mulone. Sound : Andrès Garcìa. Light : Luc Gendroz. Technic : David Kretonic. Production : POCHE /GVE.




    With : Céline Bolomey, Vincent Fontannaz, Céline Nidegger, Jacqueline Ricciardi. Assistant Director: Lucile Carré. Costume Design: Paola Mulon. Son Andrès Garcìa. Light : Luc Gendroz. Technic : David Kretonic. Production : POCHE /GVE

    Moule Robert
    Robert Moule is a primary school teacher. He has values, principles. He wonders how education can help to improve society. But all his good intentions are swept away in one go when Justine, a rebellious pre-teen, accuses him of sexual assault. Just like in Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, his nefarious double appears: Robert Goule. The latter is Justine’s father, the wealthy director of a successful comedy festival, a cynical pragmatist who does not trouble himself with moral notions. These two Roberts with opposing values are thus pitted against each other on an unequal playing field. Suddenly, a gallery of characters appears ex nihilo to lend its support, toeing the line between fantasy and reality.

    Arlette, a young woman from the Franches-Montagnes, is running. Like the white rabbit in Alice in Wonderland, she fears she will be too late to say goodbye to her dying father. She happens upon her dead sister who can’t decide on what to wear to their father’s new wedding… Arlette may be real, but the reality around her leaks, oozes, grates and slips. Each door she opens reveals a memory, an evocation. Arlette’s epic journey takes her through conscious and unconscious memory, meeting the ghosts of people to whom she did not have a chance to say goodbye.

    Travel, lunch and show: CHF 30.–. Departure from Lausanne CFF at 15:30. The shows take place at Poche/GVE, Geneva, at 17:00 and 19:00.