© Yolane Rais - Bottes © Jazil - ISE
© Yolane Rais - Bottes © Jazil - ISE
© Yolane Rais - Bottes © Jazil - ISE

Élie Autin (FR/CH)



  • environ 45'
  • G Hearing loops
  • A Little or no text
  • B Accessible to persons with reduced mobility

Chorégraphie et performance: Élie Autin. Musique/création sonore: Aisha Devi. Création lumière: Sel Dir Melaizi. Dramaturgie: Clara Delorme. Costumes: Planeta. Accessoires/Perruque: Kim Coussé. Scénographie: Shehrazad Dermé, avec l'aide de l'équipe de Sel Dir Melaizi, Élie Autin, Clara Delorme, Caroline Schattling, Melissa Rouvinet, Antonie Oberson, Céline Ribeiro, Clément Capdevielle. Technique : Céline Ribeiro. Assistant : Collin Cabanis. Production exécutive et administration: Ars Longa - Mathias Ecoeur, Iman Waser, Caroline Schattling. Photographie : Yolane Rais. Vidéo : Anouk Maupu.
Remerciements à: Victor, Céline, Mauro, Duri, Manuel, Alexis, Diana, Mat, Anne, Elsa, Patrick, Hélène, Ivan, Saniah, Johanne, David, Ludovico, Martin, Christophe, Sarah, Coralie, Anne, Brune, Claire, Sohan, Ella, Anouk, Yolane, Johanne.

Inspired by the figures of the the Bacchae (followers of Bacchus, the god of wine and intoxication), the Furies (divinities of the Underworld), the performance Présage creates a form of contemporary mythology, in which Élie Autin depicts the environment and the distress of a fallen chimera. The solo performer carries out her actions with pleasure, as in the sacrificial rite of the Bacchae called ‘sparagmos’, in which victims were torn apart. From these images, Élie Autin recalls the way she has been perceived in Western society, fetishized and presented as a monstrosity. This fairy tale for adults thus seeks to reflect the ignominy of ordinary racism, observed and experienced by the artist in the West. A messenger of a possible world, this performance, in response to this environment, is intended as a harbinger of an Earth where we can all live together. Présage thus invites us to ask ourselves: “Who are the people we choose to bring down?”

Il est possible d'enchaîner les spectacles de Fatima Wegmann et Ali-Eddine Abdelkhalek et celui d'Élie Autin dans la même soirée.