©Margot Sparkes
©Margot Sparkes
©Margot Sparkes

Edwin Ramirez

Queer Crip Becoming


  • 45' - texte en anglais
  • G Hearing loops
  • E Partially-sighted spectators welcome
  • B Accessible to persons with reduced mobility

Création, performance: Edwin Ramirez.

En partenariat avec le Théâtre Boulimie.

Edwin Ramirez, comedic artist and performer based in Zurich, invites us in an autobiographical journey, between sensual experiences and wry humor, far, far away from the norms set by the cis straight & valid society.
Their stand up Queer Crip Becoming has started… Edwin Ramirez tells us about their first acid trip, followed by the tale of their accident and the healing journey that came along, in and out of the hospital.
A series of experiences that brought to Edwin the will to be more faithful to themselves, to come out publicly and to set themselves on their own path, in mutation.

Edwin Ramirez (they/them) is a performance artist and stand up comic based in Zurich. As part of their stand up career they performed on all the big comedy stages in the German speaking part of Switzerland and on Swiss national television. They were part of the ensemble for “Star Magnolia” and also worked on “Monster vs Society” both at Theater Neumarkt. In 2021 they joined the performance collective The New Urgency at Gessnerallee after perfroming “Hier! Tickets für die Revolution”. Together with Nina they founded Criptonite starting in 2020. In 2020, they co-founded Criptonite with Nina Mühlemann, a crip-queer theatre project that centres the work of disabled artists. Criptonite’s most recent work, “Pleasure”, premiered in Munich in October 2022 and was since played in February 2023 in Zurich and June 2023 in Berlin.