© Sandra Pointet
© Sandra Pointet

Rébecca Balestra (CH)


pur stand-up

  • 60' - au bar club abc
  • E Partially-sighted spectators welcome

Conception: Rébecca Balestra. Regards extérieurs: Agathe Hazard Raboud, Marina Rollman.
Coproduction: Arsenic, Boulimie, La fur compagnie. Administration: Minuit Pile. Remerciements: Emma Ducommun, Marion Houriet, Loic Kuttruff, Thomas Lécuyer, Patrick de Rham, Frédéric Recrosio, Moschino.

En collaboration avec le Théâtre Boulimie

After reproducing the striptease choreography of the film “Flashdance” in her solo Flashdanse, and reciting her unpublished texts in the shows Piano-bar and Olympia, Rébecca Balestra continues her exploration of the grandiose and the pitiful in devices that are increasingly unfamiliar to her, and now tackles stand-up comedy! With the sole aim of making people laugh, alone, in front of the audience, the author and comedian has penned her first one-woman show, to which she has given her first name and her name.
A trial run in the world of comedy, RÉBECCA BALESTRA attempts a comic crescendo by grappling with the strict codes of the medium: headliner, opening acts, no set design, recurring themes and interaction with the audience.
“In the theatre, the only thing I haven’t managed to make laugh is the seats.” Jacqueline Maillan

Tarif unique à 20.- / spectacle non-compris dans l'abonnement, pour ce spectacle uniquement, en collaboration avec le Théâtre Boulimie