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Forever Imbricated Lausanne

Sortie de résidence


  • 1h30
  • B Accessible to persons with reduced mobility

Programme du week-end

VEN 13 MAI - Fête

SAM 14 MAI - Showing

DIM 15 MAI - Brunch et table ronde

Forever Imbricated gathers artists, activists, thinkers and creatives to cultivate an exchange: one that accentuates the interweaving (imbrication) of multitudinous ideas, practices and modes of expression. This encounter is a platform that promotes risk in forging alternative social architectures and shared construction of fantasies.
Taking its inspiration from underground scenes and club culture, Forever Imbricated aims to initiate a reflection on how radical forms of togetherness can potentially affect and alter mainstream society. Nightlife, especially after such a long hiatus, offers the temporary community gathered by Forever Imbricated a point of departure to collectively reflect on creative practices at the crossroads between subculture and high culture. The aim is to facilitate a ten-day dialogue among creatives about aspirations, challenges and struggles while considering the dialectic between risk and safety in the cultural field.

Simone Aughterlony
Collectif 4311 (Bruna Revlon & Eve-Marie Perrin)
Lucas Erin
Luis Garay
Bastien Hippocrate
Lhaga Koondhor
Marie Predour
Salou Sadras
Slim Soledad
Marc Streit
Simon Würsten Marin

Forever Imbricated is organized by Imbricated Real, an association initiated in 2021 by Simone Aughterlony and Marc Streit. Imbricated Real embodies the idea that art as a life practice cannot be individualistic, but exists only in conversation with others. The drive is to build and nurture a creative hub and a wider community of affiliated bodies.
We are no longer only production and event oriented, but are focusing also on the creation of spaces for encounter, reflection and internal research facilities. We conceive the association and its artistic activity with the aim of accumulating a holistic network of practitioners with the people involved.