© Mr Jadis / Matthieu Moerlen
© Mr Jadis / Matthieu Moerlen
© Mr Jadis / Matthieu Moerlen


Sosies Mortels

  • 100’
  • G Hearing loops
  • E Partially-sighted spectators welcome

Écriture et mise en scène: Marielle Pinsard. Assistante: Noémie Griess. Lumière: Danielle Milovic. Costumes: Samantha Landargrin. Son: Emmanuel Guillod. Avec: Florestan Blanchon, Wave Bonardi, Soledina Camesi, Fjolla Muhaxheri Gashi, Matthieu Juilland, Julia Portier, Leonardo Rafael, Aurélie Rayroud, Fabrizio Vacirca, Véronique Walzer.

The second-year students of the Serge Martin theatre school are accompanied by the director Marielle Pinsard, recipient of the Prix suisse de théâtre 2017. Together, they will work on devising a play with material from the students’ own biographies. The pitch: An airplane containing celebrity look-alikes crashes on a not-so-untouched island. The survivors organise themselves according to their jobs, then encounter natives who worship the god COCOC-COLA. In Sosies Mortels, Marielle Pinsard pushes the students into their biographical corners. An unbridled, iconoclastic and fresh game of subterfuge.