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Zang Boum

Work in progress - Free admission

  • 30’

By and with  : Valerio Scamuffa, Cie LaScam. In collaboration with : Olga Onrubia. Staging  : Barbara Schlittler.

The clock goes tick tock tick tock, the lakeside birds go chirpy chirpy cheep cheep, the turkeys go gobble gobble and the pretty bell goes ding dong. But boom, our heart goes boom. Created outside of the production circuit and over a duration of ten rehearsal days, Zang Boum is a work-in-progress showing of Valerio Scamuffa’s next piece, Zang Boum Tuut, which questions power and limits of language.

Valerio Scamuffa (born in 1979) is a Swiss-Italian actor and writer who has performed for and collaborated with numerous directors such as Oscar Gómez Mata, Denis Maillefer, Denise Carla Hass, Roberto Salomon and Andrea Novicov. In 2013, he founded the LaScam company, with the aim of opening up a space for reflection and creating multidisciplinary projects based on experience. Devised as long-term investigations, the company’s shows often unfurl over several projects, weaving links between psychoanalysis, philosophy and art history. He lives and works in Lausanne.

  • 30’